Dear friends,

We would like to thank you for choosing our company in the search for your dream house! Halkidiki Properties has the biggest holiday house database in North Greece (Halkidiki, Kavala, Pieria) and many other touristic destinations all over the country!

Now, we proudly present you our new system “IDA AUTO PROPERTY ALERTS”, a unique innovation across Greece and the Real Estate profession! This function facilitates the potential buyers – renters to stay informed automatically via e-mail for all the new properties. This will happen not arbitrarily (like the old – fashioned Newsletter), but sending only offers that interest you, taking into consideration your criteria (e.g. area, max. budget, distance from the sea and village, min. number of bedrooms or levels, exclusive land use and many other information). Read more...

Furthermore, “IDA AUTO PROPERTY ALERTS” is able to categorize the offers that are to be sent according to the percentage of match to your criteria, i.e. how much a property suits you! (100%, 75%, 50% or suits you perfectly with free budget). This innovation gives you the opportunity to receive more property suggestions that may interest you. Also, one more innovation of “IDA AUTO PROPERTY ALERTS” is that, if the price of a property you are interested in falls, it automatically sends you this information, so that you know that you can now proceed, because this new price is within your budget!

Finally, you can easily change your request by modifying your criteria, as well as add more than one property requests.

This is the way Halkidiki Properties manages to have the customers perfectly informed, easily and directly!

For any further information regarding “IDA AUTO PROPERTY ALERTS” function as well as technical support, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is the description of the percentage categories and the properties that go with each one:

100 % - This category takes into consideration all the criteria of your request. Each and every information that you have given to the system is checked in order to find exactly the properties that fit exactly your desires. For your best information, a flexibility of 15% is added on your max. budget.

75% - This category takes into consideration only the basic criteria of your request. The system filters the information and comes with results of the entire Municipality that the village you chose belongs to. This way you can learn about other offers in neighboring villages, but only for the surrounding areas. Also, this category adds a percentage of 30% on your max. budget.

50% - This category takes into consideration all the basic criteria of your request, except of the distance from the sea and the specific village you have chosen. The result is a wider list of choices, in which you may find some property that you are really interested in and was eliminated in the prior categories. The budget flexibility in this category is 50 %.

Open Budget – This category takes into consideration all the criteria exactly as given, overlooking the max. budget. This way you will not only see all the properties that suit you, but you will also have access to the general way the market moves according to your needs and demands and alter your criteria to some more realistic ones.

Thank you for choosing our agency to help you find your property. On daily basis we work on improving our services and achieve the direct and sufficient support of our clients.

With friendly regards,
Team Halkidiki Properties

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Secondary fields help refine your search and give you the property of your dreams. Please note that the secondary fields are not taken into account for the results sent to you in the 50% and 75% match categories. This ensures a broader range of properties for your needs.