Building licences

Amongst all the reports required for the issue of a building license, structural stability report is the most important, since it regards on the building’s and the residents’ safety. Our company undertakes its issue for any type of building, safely, reliably and always in accordance with strict safety rules, in order to ensure the durability of the building in extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. In such a seismic country like Greece, the need for earthquake-resistant buildings is increased and, consequently, the structural stability report is necessary and crucial. The structural design of the bearing structural body includes tables, calculations and designs, project analysis, construction materials analysis (concrete, metal, etc.) and details about their quality and durability, information on the foundation, the soil and the seismicity of the region and many other useful information. Furthermor we can retest existing structures and the possible repairs needed with anti-seismic materials, where damage has occurred due to earthquake. Finally, in case of a building which was built without structural stability report we can perform an autopsy, quality and materials control and their reinforcement, if this is deemed necessary.