Ingenieur Dienstleistungen

Engineering Services

In an effort to meet all customer requirements in the field of property management, our company has included engineers in its workforce. Our engineers are available for any potential request of yours. Either you are a seller or buyer, the services that the engineers of our company can offer you, may be useful. Our engineers are specialized in real estate and undertake the following tasks:

·         Property legalization:  Many properties in Greece do have arbitrary parts in comparison with the original construction plans. According to the Law 4014/11 the legalization of every arbitrary property (or part of a property) is necessary for every property transfer to be valid. The deadline for owners to apply for legalization of arbitrary properties is until 31/1/2013. After this deadline severe fines will be charged for these properties, for both the construction and maintenance of them.

·         Engineer Certificates - Certificate of lawfulness: Even in the absence of arbitrage in your property in order to make the transfer of a property, an engineer certificate is necessary to verify that the property is according to the original plans and no arbitrage has been constructed.

·          Energy Certificate: For each transaction and for each rental property (over 50sqm), it is necessary to issue an energy performance certificate which is valid for 10 years. Besides the necessity of these operations, this certificate gives you a clear picture of how much energy your property consumes, ranking it incategories.

·          Measurements:  To ensure what  you are buying and to make sure what you have in your possession for sale, you can ask us tomeasure your property, either before proceeding for a a sale or prior to a purchase. Our engineers will prepare the necessary plans to ensure your property.

·         Renovations - Supervision: Our company can manage all the renovation process of your property at affordable prices. Any work you choose to do, an engineer is at your disposal to supervise that all works will be performed in the best possible way.

We are of course able to undertake operations of any scale. Either you choose a piece of land and want to build your dream home or you want to make changes or studies on existing structures, the engineers of our company can undertake the entire process required, starting from the original idea and the supporting documents, until the final permits and development of your property.