How to choose the right vacation property

How to choose the right vacation property

Choose the right vacation property

Too many interested tenants often stumble upon, which house and area to choose for their vacation. Below we will ask some questions that someone can answer and understand which area and what kind of property would be best for him. We will help you learn how to choose the right vacation property.

To end up at the location:

Where do most friends have a home?

It is a good idea to have friends in your area in order to feel more secure with your choice. And if you want to hang out in the summer, you won't have to drive many miles.

Do you enjoy the awesome beaches with few tourists and pine forest till down to the sand or do you like something more cosmopolitan with beautiful beaches, beach bars, villages with nightlife, bars etc.?

How to choose the right vacation property

The answer here is a little difficult.

Usually listening to this question everyone puts in mind Sithonia or Kassandra. But there are areas on both feet of Halkidiki that have options in both categories, and we must not forget of course the 3rd leg - Athos which is a category in itself. Religious tourism, nice beaches less crowded in summer.

Areas that belong to the first part of the question are all the villages in Sithonia except Nikiti, Marmaras, Kalyves and in Kassandra only the areas Sani, Mola Kalyva. Paliouri, Kriopigi.

To the second question the answer is all the other areas.

Apartment or maisonette?

The advantage of holiday apartments is only the economic part. However, an apartment beyond the budget also allows you to have easy vacations next to the supermarkets, since most of them are built in the various villages of Halkidiki.

The maisonette, though a more precise choice, gives the tenant the most possibilities:

     • Possibility for the tenant to invite people to eat in his backyard

     • Ideal for children to play in the garden

     • Barbeque in the open air and not on the balcony

     • Ideal for pets

     • It can accommodate 2 families

     • They are spacious

     •Usually outside the village, in combination with green and awesome views, is the best relaxation for the tenant.

In any case the owners of Halkidiki who are renting their properties are more and more every year and there are more and more options for all budgets.

Certainly, depending on the requirements of each tenant, there is also the right home at the right price.

If you haven't been covered by the choices that Halkidiki gives you, think again, because Halkidiki is unique in the planet.

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