Fourka Real Estate | Fourka Villas

Fourka is located 105km away from Thessaloniki and every year it attracts many tourists. The first thing the visitor sees is its beautiful beach, the so-called Skala of Fourka. The village of Fourka is situated at a distance of about 2km.
The natural beauties and the history of the village are combined with the modern hotel equipment and the nightlife. The friendliness and the traditional hospitality of the habitants are worth mentioning, and these characteristics provide the visitor with the best conditions to have a great holiday.
Return to the past: Fourka does not lack of historical interest. An inscription, which is found in the cemetery’s church of St. Athanasios, takes us back to the Roman era. The Byzantine findings that recently came to light in the ruins of St. Ioannis Temple, as well as the various chapels and houses – that are worthy for their architecture – are signs of the village’s course through the years.
Natural beauties. A village full of green. A paradise with pinewoods, olive trees and all kinds of trees and flowers. A place where the sea shines in the sun, wide, peaceful as a lake, decorated with diamonds. These words could belong to a poet. The sea is crystal blue and has the “blue flag of Europe”. It is also well combined with the pinewood of the mountain. This fairy world of beauty is concluded with the enchanting sunset. As the sun sets into the sea, red, purple and orange shades decorate the skyline.
Cosmopolitan character. Apart from the natural beauty, the visitors are attracted by the excellent tourist organization. The modern establishments offer a pleasant and comfortable stay. Entertainment is very important for the visitor’s satisfaction. Fourka has a great nightlife that satisfies everyone.