The basic measures of the 2020 budget

A few days ago, the new budget for the year 2020 and the measures that have to be taken were submitted to the Greek Parliament. Among these measures are reforms related to investments, and the real estate market. The key points of the budget are:

Reduction of the first rate for natural persons from 22% to 9% (for incomes up to EUR 10,000).

Keeping tax free at current levels with an increase of 1000 euros per child.

Introduce a low tax rate of 10% for agricultural cooperative schemes.

Exemption of solidarity contribution of all persons with disabilities with a disability rate of over 80% irrespective of the type of disability.

Reduction of VAT on baby products, motorbikes and helmets from 24% to 13%.

Reduce the tax rate for businesses from 28% to 24%

Reduce dividend taxation from 10% to 5%.

Independent taxation of stock options at 15% instead of current tax scale.

Abolition of corporate bond taxation of all foreign investors.

Suspension for three years of betterment taxes and VAT on real estate properties with a building license since 1/1/2006.

Up to 40% deduction from tax on expenses for aesthetic and / or energy restoration work.

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The basic measures of the 2020 budget