Investments worth over 2.8 billion euro have been announced for 2014 in Greece in the fields of telecommunications, tourism, manufacturing, energy and trade.

Specifically, in the field of telecommunications OTE is going to spend 1.2 billion euro over the next four years for the development of new generation networks in landline and mobile telephony. Wind and Vodafone are creating a joint company, which will invest a total of approximately 150 million euro.

In the tourism sector, in Paliouri, Donskoy Tabak company will invest 80 million euros for the development of residential and hotel infrastructure. In the same area it will be constructed a high quality tourist complex of 5-star hotel, which will include 640 beds, a hydro-therapeutic spa center, a marina hosting 90 yachts and a settlement of 150 vacation homes. The Russian investment is in total 150 million euro, while in the same geographical area, in Ag. Ioannis, Halkidiki, Mr. Mentekidis’ family will invest 50 million more to create a hotel unit and vacation homes.

In the energy sector, “PPC Renewables” will invest 327 million euros in the next four years to more than double the installed capacity available from 148 MW which is now at 313 MW, while in January it is estimated that DEPA will build the liquefied natural gas station (LNG) with cost about 500 million euros. In the same area Energean Oil & Gas will invest 45 million euro for four new drillings and the construction of a new platform, connected with that of Prinos .

In industry sector, the company Sunlight invested 20 million euro for the creation of a new recycling settlement in Komotini for Lead Batteries. Eurodrip plans an investment of 4 million euro to increase its production capacity of the factory in Inofita and create new products. The dairy company Olympus will invest 7 million euro for the upgrading of machinery to manufacturing units. “Athenian Brewery” for 2014 launches investment of about 20 million, while for the period 2015-2017 is designed a new one, about 50 million. “EI Papadopoulos” is advancing the modernization of four factories, total investment of 10 million euro, “Bic VIOLEX” promotes investment of 32 million euro in research and development of new products and the upgrading of machinery in five factories. In Industrial Area of Sindos a new factory will be built to produce LED-type systems, launched by the Greek company “Dasteri AE” in collaboration with multinational giants “Hilux” and “Foxconn”, investment that is estimated at 20-30 million.

In trade sectpr, AV Vassilopoulos will invest 65 million euros to finance the expansion of its branch network, German Lidl will invest about 120 million euros to expand its network and create two new storage facilities while the METRO will invest 25 to 30 million in 2014 to create wholesale and retail points (My Market).

Finally, the Ministry of Development announced that the equipment company ZTE telecommunications starts operation in Greece of a logistics center on 20 February.