Mount Athos’s fish ports to a gastronomical trip in Amsterdam

The seven fishing ports of pre-Holy Mountain area travel to Amsterdam on a gastronomic journey, aiming at the promotion of the area in the Dutch capital and the attraction of more tourists. The event took place at the Greek restaurant "nostimo" within the culinary institution «Mount Athos Area Kouzina".

In the event were presented special dishes by chef George Thubert and Fani Aravidou to 18 spokesmen and wine lovers, including journalists from major publications, printed and electronic, that contribute to the formation of public opinion and trends of tourism in the Netherlands .

According to an announcement by Tourism Development Organization, "This initiative of the Organization of Tourism in the pre Holy Mountain area was the second culinary thrusting of the region into the Dutch market. During the previous three years, the initiatives of the Agency and the Office EOT Netherlands resulted in harvest over 25 journalistic tributes after destination and features»

At the event was analytically presented the activities program of the institution «Mount Athos Area Kouzina 2014», which takes place in the third peninsula of Halkidiki during the period May 15-June 15. A presentation followed, along with food and wine tasting of five labels of Mount Athos wine, originating from Metochi Chromitsa of the Holy Monastery of Saint Panteleimon.

In conjunction with the event, the local restaurants of Mount Athos will offer the same menu during the week  May 18th to 25th and there have already been formed tourism packages, aiming at small groups or individual visitors with thematic interests. These are expected to increase the tourim in the area. Naturally, invited to events are the spokespersons of the Netherlands and Belgium, to attend a familiarization trip to the local cuisine.

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Mount Athos’s fish ports to a gastronomical trip in Amsterdam