The Byzantine towers of Halkidiki (part two)

In this second part, lovers of archaeological finds and history can find information on the other Byzantine towers of the Halkidiki peninsula: the Tower of Nea Fokaia, the Stavronikita-Sani Tower and the Marianon-Olinthos Tower.

Nea Fokaia Tower: It was built in 1407 and stands above the picturesque port of the area. It is the only 17-meter-long, with dimensions 7X7, tower to be saved. In 1821 Emmanuel Pappas had his headquarters there. The tower was excavated by archaeologists in 1996 who discovered a layer of fire in the underground since 1821 and more things were found from the 17th century AD. The tower was built to protect the area from pirates.

Sani-Stavronikita Tower: The tower is located on the hill (acropolis of ancient Sani) of a remarkable settlement from prehistoric times in the location of Pinakas. (probably founded in 5.000 BC). It is the only 17-meter-long tower saved up to the ramparts, measuring 7X7.Built in 1543, it was part of the Stavronikita monastery and protected it. It is 10 meters high, its entrance was 5-6 meters and its access was only possible by a staircase. Today, 2 floors and 2 underground spaces are being saved while it is said that it is connected via underground secret network to the tower of Nea Fokaia.

Olinthos-Marianon Tower: The Late Byzantine tower is located 1,5 km. north of ancient Olynthos and was built in 1374. The house belongs to the category of tower houses and is made of stone, numerous ceramics and members from the ruins of ancient Olynthus architecture. The estate of the tower was the personal paradise of Anna Katakouzenou Paleologos and is the center of the estate of Docheiario Monastery.

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The Byzantine towers of Halkidiki (part two)