Minister of Finances, Mr. George Mavraganis, speaking in the Parliament, didn’t exclude the possibility to modify certain tax measures, such as surplus value tax. The reason for the review was relevant with the question of deputy Apostolos Kaklamanis, who speaking of the surplus value said “is unfair and technically impossible to be applied” and so is the “unacceptable imposition of excessive fines in road taxes”.

Mr. Mavraganis replied: “there is a debate on these issues, between relevant bodies, we should be careful in what will be taxed. Our intention is continue with the implementation of fair taxes”, agreeing with Mr Kaklamanis’ words. He also said that “the government with a series of legislative initiatives is actually trying to close holes, to prevent the extension of tax evasion and reduce taxes so that people will not be burdened from unacceptable taxes. In any reform,” he added “there are practical issues declared from government bodies and society. The intention of the government is to face the technical difficulties and the cases that create problem, so to clarify the status that somebody is taxed for the real benefit of having a property”.

Finally, Mr. Mavraganis, commenting on the proposal of Mr Kaklamanis about taking measures against those who sent huge amounts of money abroad, noted that “we should be careful. If we consider only the transaction by itself, there is a case for someone to be taxed unfairly, as he may have been damaged and called to pay for it”