The tourist webpage TripAdvisor has published two lists according with the comments and the rates of visitors of the website. The lists are about the 25 best hotels for families and the 25 best luxurious hotels. The results were very satisfactory, since several greek hotels took high positions in the lists.

In the worldwide lists, Sani Resort in Halkidiki was 22nd in the family hotels and Lindos Blu was 16th in the 25 most luxurious ones.

In the European List, Sani Resort was 9th and Oceania Club was 16th in the 25 best family hotels. Lindos Blu was 2nd and Elite Suites by Amathus Beach in Rhodes was 24th in the most luxurious hotels in Europe.

In the Greek lists for the 25 best family and luxurious hotels the above hotels were first. The list for the 25 best family hotels consisted of six in Crete, five in Rhodes, four in Zakinthos, three in Halkidiki, two in Corfu, Kos and Kefallonia and one in Evia. The list with the best luxurious hotels consisted of six in Rhodes, five in Halkidiki, four in Santorini and Crete, two in Thessaloniki and Mikonos and one in Athens and Thasos.