Investment 5 mil. for the crest road across Sithonia

                The project regarding the improvement of the street across the crest of Sithonia was added to the government program “Rural Development of Greece 2007 – 2013”. The project includes the “improvement of the patency of the fire break connecting Nikiti – Karvounas, Dragounteli – Sikia” and includes the the widening of the road by 8 meters and the construction techniques and the paving of it. The project will be carried out by Forest Service of Poligiros and the budget is 5 million euro. The completion of the project is estimated to be in the end of 2015.

As Mr. I. Tzitzios, Mayor of Sithonia, said, “The integration of the crest road in Sithonia is an important development, as it will substantially improve the road infrastructure in our municipality. Since 2005, our interventions have achieved the funding for the completion of the project studies in the Forest Service with 750,000 euro, because we believe that this project will contribute greatly to the development and improvement of the tourism product in Sithonia. The works will be in a total road length of 42 km, starting in the provincial network Nikiti – N. Marmaras and ending in the area of Sikia”