Positive signs has released EOT, which show that this year's tourist traffic is growing and the summer of 2014 is predicted to be the best in recent years from tourism point of view.

The data show that 70 % of Serbs chose Halkidiki last year, while the Serbian market package tours to Northern Greece were increased 20%. Greece appears to be the first choice for Romanians, since it was choice for 72% of them, an increase of 57.27 %. Furthermore, an increase of 10 % is recorded in arrivals of Germans, with German agencies having fully restored and surpassed pre-crisis levels for the region of Halkidiki.

The above data show a clear shift of foreign tour operators to northern Greece, although the investment and visibility of Greece are our weak elements. Particular care should be given to improving promotion in all possible ways, as our neighbors competitors exploit all modes of promotion and advertising. Of course, if some Hoteliers Association wants to project themselves and to go to any fairs abroad, no one can prevent it.

The positive thing is that in Halkidiki has invested and continue to invest Russian investors, so acquiring hotel units and closing long-term lease agreements. Such agreements when dealing with hotels currently operating is easier, because most have pre-existing licenses and have overcome most of the bureaucratic problems. The major issues with huge delays begin when investments are made from scratch and especially from foreign investors, who may be familiar with the Greek reality…