The announcement of the airline Transavia for direct flights from Amsterdam to Thessaloniki has added Halkidiki to the favorite destinations of tour operators in the Netherlands. Sundio Group manages 45% of the Greek market and has already signed contracts with 12 hotels in Halkidiki. Additionaly there are more specialized programs designed by Greek tour operators and the tourism is expected to increase even more in 2015.

The Halkidiki Tourism Organization took part in the exhibition Vakantiebeurs held in Utrecht and was represented by Board members (President of the Agency and the Hotels Union Halkidiki, Gregory Tassios, the Viceprefect of Halkidiki and Thematic Viceprefect of Tourism in Central Macedonia, John Giorgos and President of Halkidiki Campings Union, Anthony Delidimitriou. In the exhibition was present representatives of hotels and tour operators in the area The conclusions that came out of the organization is that the Netherlands intends to return dynamically in Halkidiki, and during the exhibition hundreds of reservations were made.

At the same time the promotion of Halkidiki in the Dutch media has been intensified in 2014 with the journalists and bloggers in the region invited in the area. The NGTO in cooperation with Dutch NTO has organized a cocktail presentation which was attended by over 20 journalists who participated in the press trip to be held in May.