Greece takes back one of the leading places among global popular destinations and foreign media publish extensive reports warning the tourists that they will have to rush to close rooms if they intend to visit our country in 2014 .

The coefficients of the GfK survey said that “Greece celebrates a fulminant comeback”, thus justifying the very high increase of 52 % recorded for Greece as a tourist destination in Germany. The newspaper Die Welt, a publication on the popular destinations of the Germans, among others states that “the demand for Greece is so high that tourists should rush in order to find a bed”.

Prominent member of FTI foreign agency said that “this year will not be a year of last minute booking to Greece. Greece will be the first country to “get full”. The Leading Tour Operator TUI speaks for Greece as a tourist destination of “returning to the tourism power of the past”. In the same context moves the group Thomas Cook, noting the strong growth recorded by bookings for our country. New record for tourist arrivals in Greece in 2014 is mentioned by the agency Bloomberg, noting that European travelers return to Greece after six years of recession.

All these considerations confirm those of Greek industry participants for new record in arrivals and tourism revenues in 2014, estimated at 18.5 million tourists and 13 billion revenue. At the same time, the increase in arrivals and revenues will create 50,000 new permanent and seasonal job positions in 2014. Of course if Greece manages to surpass the 2021 target of 24 million tourists, then the GDP will grow by 9 %, and is projected to create 300,000 job positions. SETE, however, estimates that about one million people will be working in the Greek tourism industry until 2021.

Noted should be that in 2013 visited Greece 2.2 million German tourists who spent 1.8 billion euro, 1.3 million Russians who spent 1.3 billion euro, 1.8 million Britons who spent 1.3 billion and 1.1 million French tourists who spent 900 million euro.


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