The Belgians show a growing preference in Halkidiki and mostly the so called “third leg”. The tourist offices in the Netherlands have added to their lists the 61 beaches that rank in the most beautiful of the country and were presented at the international exhibition in Brussels “Salon Des Vacances”. These beaches are also presented in an edition of Tourism Development Agency prior to Athos, whose members met with representatives of tourist agencies in order to boost the demonstration of the area.

During the e was once again applied the system of on-line enquiries to the hotel  accommodation units. “The Belgians get to know us more and more and now they are looking for us in the tourist lists, where we will soon be added”, said the member of the Organization, Dimitris Polizos, and added, “just three years ago we were ‘fighting’ to inform the audience and get the visitors to listen us. Today, the picture is quite different: the massive attendance at our booth and search for our brand name makes us talk more confidently about the existence of demand.” According to him, “now that Aegean Airlines connects with direct flight Brussels with Thessaloniki and Rynair thickens the weekly flights, we can claim a big part of the tourism pie.

Belgian press representatives, tour operators and representatives of firms are organizing incentive trips will visit the area in the spring, as part of familiarization trips (fam trips).