The investments that take place under the Operational Programme “Environment and Sustainable Development (EPPERAA) exceed the amount of 620 million, said the Minister St. Kalafatis, during the conference for the presentation of projects in the Region of Central Macedonia. According to the Minister this period emphasis is given on inter-regional priority projects and of maximum environmental importance, such as projects for the management of solid and liquid waste, bio-climatic reconstructions and energy saving.

During the conference, the Mayor of Sithonia, Mr. Ioannis Tzitzios presented the four projects that take or will take place in the municipality of Sithonia under the Operational Programme “Environment and Sustainable Development”, the total budget of which is 12 million euro:

1.       Complementary sewerage of Sarti

2.        Wastewater treatment facilities of Sikia, Toroni

3.    Construction of sewerage network in vacuum - wastewater lifting facilities in the area of Paradeisos, N. Marmaras

4.    Restoration of the three places for uncontrolled waste disposal in the Municipality of Sithonia

The mayor of Aristotelis Municipality, Mr. Christos Pachtas referred to the environmental protection projects of EPPERAA in the Municipality Aristotle, and highlighted the lack of staff to municipalities to support project implementation. Finally, the deputy mayor of New Propontis, Mr Manolis Karras mentioned the construction of internal network of wastewater gother and transportation in Nea Flogita, former Municipality of Nea Moudania.