“Secret Greece” is the title of the new advertising campaign of the Ministry of Tourism and, as stated by Mrs. Kefalogianni, “Greece has more to offer than the well known ‘Summer, sun and sea’”. According to the Minister of Tourism “secret Greece” aims to promote all the destinations of the country that are less known abroad, but have competitive advantages . “We invest in special forms of tourism”, says Mrs. Kefalogianni.

So, on the special forms of tourism and thematic vacation invests the region of Athos, in the third peninsula of Halkidiki. Aristotelian walk that starts from the grove of Aristotle and ends in Ancient Stagira (Olympiada, 32 Km walk), gastronomy , religious tourism , mountain biking and other forms of alternative tourism in the region give the desired elongation. “The Aristotelian walk makes particular sense in the British market, thus beginning arrivals since May” said the director of the Agency for Tourism Development Pre-Athos, Maria Pappa. According to her, from the coveted stretch has benefited the island Ammouliani, since “from season two months long, it is now three weeks and will raise the duration”,  says Mrs. Pappa .

In other markets, increase has been observed by Germany (20 %), France, Britain, Italy (12 % - 15 % ), Balkans (50% early booking, which means they expect more growth), from the Netherlands come for the first time organized groups, while there are tourists from Belgium and Luxembourg.

As regards Halkidiki’s strong card, which bears the name Russia, Mrs. Pappa says that “There are no cancellations or evidence for that, we are at + 30% of the Russian market.”