The Ministry of Finances moves on to a series of actions with aim to facilitate citizens in their dealings with the Tax Office and the exemption of the Tax Offices from bureaucratic work, so they can focus on preventing tax evasion. These actions are part of the general attempt of the Ministry to stop the obligation of citizens to go to the tax office.

One of the most significant actions included is the assignment of all confirmed debt to the Tax Office with a debt-identity. This measure is being applied about one year now and is expected to significantly reduce the burden in financial services, since citizens can make their payments through the internet, banks or Post Office. With various services gradually added to TAXISnet, gradually the necessity for the natural presence of citizens in tax office will stop, since all the payments and the tax works (e.g. rent contracts submission) will be available through the internet. Exceptions will be made for the people who do not have access or knowledge of the Internet, who will be served normally on Tax Offices, the G.E.F. and Civil Services Centers.

Furthermore,  the Ministry of Finances proceeds to the implementation of the registration and payment parables through electronic application "e-paravolo" in TAXISnet and of the new Tax Procedures Code, which simplifies the internal operational procedures at Tax Offices.