A steady annual rise is presented in the number of tourists from the neighboring country who visit our country every year. According to statistics gathered by the Tourism Organization of Halkidiki, Bulgarian tourists show a repeated preference in Halkidiki, signifying a steady trust in the tourism product of the region.

The increasing preference of Bulgarians towards Greece, and specifically in Halkidiki, became clear at the exhibition held in Sofia last week (Holiday & Spa Expo, 13 - 15/02/2014). In the report the Greek kiosks held more than 15 % of the exhibition room, with Halkidiki holding the reins.

In the exhibition showed up many investors in the tourism industry from Bulgaria, who did not hesitate to show clearly their willingness to invest in Greece. Apparently, Halkidiki doesn’t need any specific recommendations in the tourism sector, as it is consistently one of the favorite tourist destinations.