Tourism investment — the new trend in the real estate sector

 Foreign investors’ interest in real estate properties that can be exploited touristically increases worldwide every year. Prospective buyers consider the engagement of houses that are appropriate and fulfill all the requirements to be able to be converted into tourist accommodation later, as a wise investment and value for money. 

    This trend was gradually born out of the need that people from all over the world have to seek and ultimately choose cheap, but beautiful and quality accommodation in their tourist destinations, which in the end have nothing to envy from the luxurious hotel rooms. 

     Foreigners view the purchase of such properties as a future source of income, as evidenced by the official statistics released by the Bank of Greece according to which there is a gradual increase in the purchase of real estate by the residents of other countries compared to 2018, up to 49% in the first six months of 2019. (Regarding numbers, this percentage reach 740 million) According to experts, these rates are expected to increase further in our country as a result of the immediate future tax cuts that the new Greek government announced that will receive. 

    In conclusion, the new trend in the real estate market seems that it has emerged to establish itself, as on the one hand the need for cheap tourist accommodation will always be imperative, and on the other hand there will always be foreign investors who want to spend their money on buying useful properties.