9.61 million was sold the property in Ag.Ioannis, Sithonia

After brief negotiations the MB of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund has eventually accepted the final proposal of Messrs. John and George Mantekidis for the purchase and development of the property in Ag. Ioannis, Sithonia. The proposal was unanimously accepted by the MB and, after receiving the positive opinion of the Council of Experts , the property with total area of 253 acres passed into the hands of Messrs. Mantekidis . This development will result in the enhancement of the region, as the buyers intend to invest amounts in the order of 50 million.

The owners own a manufacturing company operating in the area of Northern Greece and intend to upgrade the area , creating a tourist attraction. The benefits of this movement is multifaceted, since, apart from the numerous jobs positions that will be created, the local market market will receive a significant boost and the tourist figures in whole Halkidiki will rise.