Interest in the marinas creation and the thermal baths exploitation show the turkish groups Dogus an

            Halkidiki attracts not only the interest of Russian inventors, but Turks’ too, according to the statements of the Hoteliers Association President. This claim was reaffirmed in the turism exhibition, EMIT,  which recently took place in Istanbul and where the turkish groups Dogus and Anadolu expressed their interest in the area.

            The investments’ progress in Halkidiki will depend on T.A.I.PE.D. (Fund for the State’s Private Property Development) and the competitions which will decide who will in the future take over the exploitation of the 210 acres in Paliouri, the 240 acres in Ai-Giannis and the whole unexploited municipal area in Psakoudia. The interest that the turkish groups showed in Istanbul lies in building marinas in the above areas. They also discuss the possibility to develop spa tourism, which has a vast potential of growth, since the new legislation allows the transfer of thermal water.

            The Hoteliers Association predicts that this year the turism season will bring a 10% rise compared with 2012, despite the fact that “Gerakina Beach” and “Filippeion” (former “Sermili”) hotels in Psakoudia will not operate. Favorable is, instead, the fact that “Portes Palace”, which is now under renovation, will belong to a 5* plus category. The new administration tends to change the hotel’s profile by creating thalassotherapy facilities and expanding its operation throughout the year. The Russian owners expect this move to attract many visitors all year long, since the hotel is located very close to the city.

            The year 2013 will be crucial for Halkidiki’s turism. Great empasis is given to the visitors from Russia, Germany, Balcans, Turkey and Scandinavia. Especially from Scandinavia a great amount of turists is expected, since SAS airlines has now launched summer flights to Greece. Concerning the Turk visitors, the issue of “multiple visit visa” is of great importance. Thus, the Hoteliers Association has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Foreigh Affairs to set the amount of 50000€ as income threshold for visa granting, since Turkey is not part of the Schengen zone.