Kassandra Municipality 1st peninsula Real Estate | Kassandra Municipality 1st peninsula Villas

Kassandra, the westernmost end of Halkidiki, being the closest to Thessaloniki, is the most popular and populated of the three peninsulas. Its white beaches and rocky, fir-studded promontories were the first to attract visitors, both Greeks and foreigners.
Here you will find all the amenities – hotels in every price range, traditional Greek taverns, discos, bars and other entertainment, as well as a wide variety of recreation facilities, especially for water sports. But if you require peace and quite, you can easily find pleasant and unique hiding places.
Kassandra is the most populated of the three ends. Its plains are golden with cultivated fields, while its rolling hills have lush vegetation and serene fir forests. Its inland villagers are farmers, who follow the traditional way of life and preserve the principles of Greek hospitality.

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