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The refugees, Greek citizens from the coastline of “Propontida”, in 1922, after the “Asia Minor catastrophe”, searching for a new land imagining the symbol of an anchor, reached the west coast of Halkidiki, the area of “Kargi Limani” and established their new town.
A unique landscape, a natural gulf and some buildings were the inspiration and the motive for the future development of a seaside lifestyle and of commercial activities. Hills with olive trees and fertile plains; sea and land; pictures of a rare beauty.
These refugees, absolutely capable as sailors or merchants, created a new, lively and productive place. Their main interests were fishing, agriculture, viniculture, commerce and industry. The result was a rapid increase and progress. Even in the era of tourism, it was the first place with the necessary background.
Nea Moudania is located in a short distance before reaching the first peninsula of Kassandra, approximately 62km south from Thessaloniki. Today, Nea Moudania (a city of 4500 people) is a modern town with very clear seawater and clean coasts. Commercial harbour and active trade, transfer of thousand of tons of pilchards.
Agriculture is well developed, also light industry (construction of modern rural machinery), industrial unit for processing and packing of nuts, industrial unit for processing of meat, oil industry.