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Paliouri is known for its honey and olive oil production, as well as the entire region. The visitor can admire the unique nature and stroll around the verdurous paths of the Pinewood, or walk in the traditional alleys of the village that have a unique traditional colour. Southeast of the village, at the limits of Toronaios Gulf and after 6km towards Kanistro Cape, there is the settlement of Xinas and the settlement of Agios Nikolaos with two picturesque small gulfs and the natural bay, where the church of St. Nikolas is located. 2km at the southeast of the village, there is the resort beach of Hrouso, where the camping of G.N.T.O and Xenia are situated. In Hrouso, the visitor can enjoy the blue waters and a golden beach, in combination with the pinewoods that reach the sea in a really enchanting landscape.