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The history of Polyhrono begins in 650 BC, when the Eretrieis came to the Peninsula of Kassandra and established their colony in Neapolis, which despite all the barbarian invasions managed to survive until 540 AC, when it was totally ruined by the Huns. In the 11th century, cattle-breeders and farmers gathered in this area and built “Polyhro” village, whose name was given due to the large number of flowers that the region had. The village was under the Turkish oppression and during the revolution of 1821 it was put to fire and completely ruined by the Turks. Few years later, few survivors who had run away and managed to survive, came back and rebuilt the village, which due to verbal corruption was named Polyhrono. Today is one of the most famous places of Halkidiki and it attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is well known for its long beach, which lies along the settlement.