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One of the prettiest villages of Halkidiki, washed by the deep blue waters of both Thermaikos and Toronaios Gulf. It is the first village of the Kassandra Peninsula with its impressive bridge over the canal of Nea Potidea, which joins Thermaikos with Toronaios Gulf.
Nea Potidea is one of Kassandra’s areas with rich historical background. Today’s village was built in 1922 by the refugees from East Thrace. It used to be a Corinthian Colony. It took part in the battle of Plataeans and its name was mentioned on the copper trestle that was dedicated to the Gods by the winners of the battle. In 431 BC, the Athenians conquered the town after a siege that lasted for two years, they expelled its residents and populated the area. Socrates the philosopher took part in the siege. In 357 BC, the village was conquered by Philip the Macedon, who gave it to the residents of Olynthus. In 316 BC, Kassandros, the King of Macedonia, built a new city on the ruins of the old one and gave it the name of Kassandria. In 43 AD, it was declared by Brutus as a colony of the Romans. In 269 AC, it was conquered by Goths and in 540 AD it was destroyed by the Huns. In 1307 it become the base of operations for the Catalans. In 1426 it was under occupation of the Venetians and finally in 1430 of the Turks. In 1821, rebels of Halkidiki entrenched themselves in its castle fighting hard and prepared for the historical “Kassandra’s Turmoil”.
Some of the remarkable sights of the area are the canal, the ruins of the historical castle, with which Kings, Emperors and Conquerors concerned themselves, the monument of 1821’s “Turmoil” and the church of Taxiarhes. For the comfortable stay of the tourists there are numerous recreation centres, hotels, rooms and apartments to let, restaurants, coffee shops, discos, taverns, fish taverns, supermarkets, fish shops, popular art’s stores, patisseries, bakeries, taxis, drug stores, petrol stations and public services (town hall, police, community clinic, telecommunication office, port office). Nea Potidea, combining the natural beauty of the area, the azure waters and its comforts invites you to enjoy your summer holidays in this exquisite place of Halkidiki.