Remote real estate viewing

Dear customers,

In order to protect the health of our employees and the public, our company follows the guidelines and applies completely the instructions of the government- modern methods of teleworking. Thus, the ways we communicate with our team remain unchanged.

For general information and inquiries, you can contact us on: +30 2311 24 12 24 or via email on 

With the aim of protecting our customers, we offer to all certified interested buyers the option of remote real estate viewing (e- viewing) with live video call from the property for sale where the conditions allow such a possibility.

This is the right way to succeed:

   -  Protecting the health of our customers.
   -  Reducing the necessary expenses of making suggestions, travel expenses, etc..
   -  Saving the time required by multiplied interested customers for multiplied properties’ visits.
   - Ability to prepare files and complete remotely the sales.

Just tell us what are you looking for and we will find it for you.

Finally, our team launches remote real estate research services for all our customers.

Tell us how do you imagine your perfect property and we will search through the whole available market for exactly what you are looking for, whether it is in our database or not.

The following criteria represents the key criteria that we need in order to provide you better service:

   - Type of property (Detached house, Maisonette, Apartment, Vila, Field, Plot, Land, Hotel).
   - Minimum number of bedrooms.
   -  Preferences in terms of areas of Halkidiki (Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos or even though specific village).
   - Maximum market capitalization (The options we recommend will not be limited to the budget you are reporting to us, they will simply make your request, as well as our service, more targeted).
   -  Sea view (Your subjective estimation of ‘Sea View’ importance).
   -  Distance from the beach (Your subjective estimation of the importance of distance from the beach).

We are gladly willing to hear your ideas that would help us to improve our customer service to you!

Thank you for your trust and we hope that we will all overcome soon the difficult situation that has occurred.

Summer is coming and the life goes on, until then just … #stayhome