Service terms and conditions

1. Using the Add Property service, the user declares that he is the sole owner/coowner and representative of all the other joint owners of the property mentioned above, and he assigns the company Halkidiki Properties Real Estate to mediate for its sale.

2. The user expressly and irreversibly declares that he is selling the above property and that for any alteration of this decision he has to notify Halkidiki Properties Real Estate in writing within two days.

3. The user declares that the property for sale mentioned above is free of all liens or contractual right, is not subject to a mortgage, prenotation, judicial sequestration, administration or claim (legal defects) and is generally free from any third party's right, it has no actual faults, the user has not drawn other contracts that lay on his obligation to divest in exchange and that his and his licensors' title deeds, which he has to provide if and whenever asked, are in full legal order.

4. The user allows Halkidiki Properties Real Estate the right to advertise the property entered in the system in any way they deem appropriate.

5. In case of a preliminary contract or a final sales contract, after the mediation of Halkidiki Properties Real Estate, the user promises and undertakes the responsibility to pay to the company a fee that comes as a percentage (4%) of the real value of the sold property, as given during the addition of the property or as agreed anew, plus the V.A.T. according to the current law. This fee is considered to be reasonable, fair and appropriate to the mediation efforts and negotiating services required for this contract and, therefore, the user explicitly declares that he has no will to reduce it and that he undertakes the obligation to pay a lump sum equal to the brokerage fee when signing the contract or, if a preliminary contract is made, when it is signed.

6. The user also declares his understanding that he is obliged to pay the same amount, as compensation, plus the V.A.T. to Halkidiki Properties Real Estate in case that in the future, after signing this agreement, he sells his property to a natural or legal person who was suggested by Halkidiki Properties Real Estate, or a relative of his, irrespective of the grade, a partner, a collaborator, a subsidiary of his company, a company where he has financial interest, a company belonging to the same group as his, or anyone designated by the Halkidiki Properties Real Estate and proven by justice to have any relationship with the buyer.

7. In case that the user makes any selling action for his property, making a preliminary or final sale contract with customers suggested by Halkidiki Properties Real Estate without notifying the Halkidiki Properties Real Estate on the exact day, place and time of the act, then he has to pay a compensation fee to Halkidiki Properties Real Estate equal to 100% of the brokerage fee in addition to the brokerage fees, as described in paragraph 5 of this agreement.

8. It is explicitly forbidden to demonstrate other properties to clients of Halkidiki Properties Real Estate, without having first assigned them to Halkidiki Properties Real Estate. In case the user overlooks the above term, he explicitly commits to paying to Halkidiki Properties Real Estate a fee equal to the commission for the properties he indicated, as this is agreed in paragraph 5 of this agreement.

9. In case the user finds a buyer for his property by himself, he undertakes the responsibility to provide written notification to Halkidiki Properties Real Estate, within five days from the actual date of the sale, disclosing the full details of the buyer.

10. It is agreed by both parties that the Court of First Instance is responsible for the resolving of any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or the implementation of this Agreement.

11 This brokerage contract is regulated by the provisions of Law 4072/11-4-2012 as it comes under the article 703 επ. ΑΚ and the Presidential Decree 248/1993.

12. The above terms may only be modified or amended by written accord.