Sithonia Municipality 2nd peninsula Real Estate | Sithonia Municipality 2nd peninsula Villas

Sithonia is the second peninsula of Halkidiki. The rugged, exciting landscape of the middle end appeals to nature lovers and holiday makers, who seek refuge from the traps of civilization.
The coasts present a wide variety - a succession of fishermen’s hamlets, picturesque little harbors, deserted beaches of all sizes surrounded by trees and bushes. Sithonia is a symphony of blue and green; names do not exist for all the shades and hues of vegetation, sea and sky that you will see there.
But you don’t have to “rough it” in Sithonia. There are hotels of all standards to choose from, including the only deluxe complex in Halkidiki with an 18-hole golf course among its many facilities. Tennis courts and water sports can be found everywhere, while riding through the fir forests is unequalled anywhere in Greece. As for nightlife and other entertainment associated with resorts, Sithonia manages to combine traditional beauty and hospitality with modern pleasures.

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