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Stratoni is located 102km away from Thessaloniki and 56km away from Polygiros. An ancient war memorial, which was found in the region (1st century BC), having impressive statues, tomb, vessels etc, indicates the position where the city Stratonikeia flourished, which is located in the so-called “Elaionas” position of the community Stratonion, where a part of a public Roman building has been excavated.
The city was possibly established by Dimitrios the Besieger, to honour his mother Stratoniki or his daughter. About 35 years ago, a war memorial in Stratoni was researched, a tomb monument, which had two male and one female statues, the well known “Despoina” of Stratoni, which is exposed to the Museum of Polygiros. The inscriptions that were found there show that the monument is dated from the years of Jesus.