Costs of buying or selling

Basis of Article 42 paragraph 1 of the Code of Lawyers in the presence of legal drafting and signing the property purchase contract is binding when the contract price is more than 29.347 € in the Bar of Athens and Piraeus and 11.739 € for the other regions of lawyers associations of the territory. The minimum fees for legal representation and signing the contract is defined as follows:
For a contract price 44.020 € 1%
For contract price of 44.020 € to 1.407.351 € 0,5%
For contract price from 1.407.351 € to 2.934.702 € 0,4%
The legal control of property and any additional work is billed separately

The remuneration of the notary down to 1% of face value of the contract. You will need to pay for the additional costs such as notary stamps, fees, preparation of tax returns and summaries, copies of contracts, the second leaf, etc. In addition, the contract is drafted but not signed by the notary is entitled to compensation but not over 500 €.

The real estate consultant fees, which typically is 2%-4% over the actual value of the property. Caution: If you find that the real estate agent that mediation has not licensed broker operating illegally and then have no legal obligation to pay.

The fee for transfer of mortgages (purchase) of property amounts to 0.475% of the value of the contract.

To complete a sale to specific categories of property the buyer is required to pay F.M.A. (Property Tax)
Up to 15.000 € 9% or 7% if the property is in an area that has no FB
From 15.001 € 11% or 9% if the property is in an area that has no FB
VAT 23% for newly constructed building with permission from 01/01/2006. Exempt the purchase of a residence

Costs for legal representation
Up to 44.020 € 1%
From 44.021 € - 1.500.000 € 0,5%
From 1.500.001 € is further reduced.
T.A.V. (tax added value)
On 01/01/2006 the seller will bear AutoText gains tax , with rates increasing in relation to the market year and the year of sale.