Documents of buying or selling

1.Copy of ID and Greek Tax Number (AFM)
2.E1 and E9 of the last five years certified by the competent tax office
3.Statement frot the tax office of exemption for primary residence Tax or not which shall be stated by his / her notary

1.Copy of ID
2.Copy of Tax Statement
3.Contract of the Property
4.Building Permission
5.Plot plan plus floors plan
6.Statement of the law N.2238/94 certified by the Tax Office or a certificate to see if the property is leased
7. Statement of the law N.2459/97 certified by the Tax Office
8.Tax statement
9.Property fee (T.A.P) from the City-owned property (with DEI account and a contract)
10.Rental contract if the property is rented
11.Certificate from the Tax Office that the property tax is paid if the property is derived from parental benefit, gift or inheritance
12.Insuranse awareness by IKA when the seller is a freelancer.

Below are the necessary documents needed by banks to grant home loan:
1.Application for home loan
2.Copy of ID
3.Copy of last 3 income tax notes
4.Copy of last payroll (for employees and retirees)
5.Copy of analytic Income Tax (E3 E1) for the past 3 years (for professionals)
6.Copy of E9
7.Loan awareness if any other loans or obligations.