An important part of the scope of our activity are the property valuations. The broadly based property / comparative information that our company has in the area of ​​Halkidiki and the constant occupation with the real estate market, the monitoring of the market trends and the quality of constructions in all parts of Greece,plus the continuing training of our staff  through certified seminars give us the ability to perform professional valuations of your property. 

The valuations of our company are exclusively composed by engineers who have the necessary expertise to accurately assess the value of your property. In any valuation we follow the International and European Standards IVSC and Tegova and also all the specified onf in the estimation manual"Red Book" of the Royal Institute of Chartered Accountants of England RICS. Our valuers also apply the most modern methods of estimation, depending on the property under valutation. The experience of specialized personnel of our company enables us to undertake valuations in a wide variety of properties, which range from small homes and apartments up to huge pieces of land and large hotel complexes.