Cooperation Agreement

Cooperation Agreement

The Declarant henceforth referred to as "ASSISTANT" with full details listed in the table "Partner Details" I declare that I am a legal representative of the company described in the table above and


to the company "HALKIDIKI PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE" based in Neo Ryssio, VAT number 800329458, DOU 7th of Thessaloniki and REGISTER NO. 116495906000, hereinafter referred to as "BROKER", to mediate in finding a real estate purchase for my client, and I declare I expressly acknowledge and accept the following terms:

1. Request for Cooperation for a specific Buyer

This contract concerns and applies only if the prospective client has not already provided the BROKER with a search order. Consequently, for the start of any cooperation, the PARTNER must disclose the Name, the Tax ID number and/or the e-mail address of his client, a potential buyer.

2. Initiation of Cooperation

The cooperation begins only if the prospective buyer is not registered in the BROKER's electronic files with the aforementioned status of the prospective buyer. The ASSOCIATE, in case of doubt, may request to be provided with proof of the BROKER-prospect buyer relationship.

3. Affiliate Fee

In case the cooperation starts, the ASSOCIATE, in case of a sale, receives his fee from the prospective buyer and the BROKER from the SELLER-client

4. Duration of contract

The duration of this contract is indefinite, starting from today, the day of its signature. It expires in the event of a property purchase by a client of the PARTNER through the BROKER company, with a definitive contract. The ASSOCIATE is entitled to a fee, regardless of the time when a sale will be achieved to the prospective buyer proposed, in the above manner, to the BROKER.

5. Electronic Premium Registration (EPR) & Request Tracking

The "BROKER" provides the "PARTNER" with special access to the EPR by registering on the company's platform on the website The "PARTNER" has the possibility to monitor, through the EPR, important data concerning the course of his client's demand. It also gains access to updated statistical data as well as a detailed file of electronic instructions.

6. Indication of Properties

In case of a physical suggestion, with a visit to the BROKER's properties, this is carried out exclusively accompanied by a BROKER's partner.

7. Right to amend the Agreement

The BROKER reserves the exclusive right to either terminate this agreement without notice or modify this agreement unilaterally by informing the other party in writing as long as the spirit of the contract is not substantially modified.

8. Legislation - Courts of Thessaloniki - Amendments

This brokerage contract is regulated by the provisions of N.4072/ 11-4-2012 as it is governed by articles 703 et seq. of the Civil Code and by PD 248/1993 as well as by any recent amendments thereof. It is agreed by the contracting parties that for the resolution of any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or execution of this contract, the Courts of the First Instance of Thessaloniki are competent. Modification of this contract is possible only in writing.

In recognition of what has been agreed above, this private agreement was drawn up, which, after being read, is signed as follows, with each of the parties receiving an identical copy.

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