Indication order


I declare and recognise that, for the first time “G.TSIGARAS & X.KIRLIDIS G.P.” in this capacity as a Real Estate Agent, has suggested the properties

1. In case of a preliminary agreement or a final contract of purchase or exchange of the above properties, after mediation from “G.TSIGARAS & X.KIRLIDIS G.P.” , I promise and undertake the obligation to pay the estate agent’s fee at the percentage of 3% in addition to the corresponding VAT, on top of the actual price of the sold or exchanged property as shown on the table of page 1, or on top of the potential new agreed prices. I find the above fee reasonable, fair and proportional to the mediatory efforts and negotiation services required for the particular agreement and therefore, I explicitly declare that there is no possibility of reducing it. I will pay this fee to the agent, even if I was previously aware of the counter-party or the suggested property and for this I am obligated to immediately declare to the agent of any properties that I am already aware of.

2. Similarly, in case of a preliminary agreement or a final contract of purchase or exchange and after mediation from “G.TSIGARAS & X.KIRLIDIS G.P.”, with a family member of mine, irrespective of the degree of kinship, or with a partner of mine (natural or legal person), or with a company of financial benefits to me, or with a person recommended by myself, on behalf of which I declare in advance that I sign the present instruction, promise and undertake the obligation to pay, jointly and severally with these natural or legal persons, the exact same fee, regardless if the same property was suggested after the signing of the present instruction and from another real estate agent.

3. The above agreed agent’s fee, I promise and undertake the obligation to pay with a lump sum payment at the signing of the final contract of purchase/exchange and after signing a preliminary agreement if there is one. This counts for me, as much as for the above mentioned natural or legal persons, on behalf of whom I act.

4. I accept the company “G.TSIGARAS & X.KIRLIDIS G.P.” acting as an intermediary between myself and the manufacturer/owner of each property and therefore carry no responsibility for the accuracy of information delivered to them.

5. With this contract I declare unconditionally, that I accept to use the exclusive Form of Tender of “G.TSIGARAS & X.KIRLIDIS G.P.”, in the bid offer for the purchase/exchange of the above properties and to partner with the methods and safety practises used by “G.TSIGARAS & X.KIRLIDIS G.P.”.

6. The present Real Estate Agency contract is regulated by provisions 4072/11-4-2012 and governed by Articles 703 CC and PD 248/1993.

7. In case I get into direct contact with the sellers of the above properties and conclude in the purchase/exchange etc. of any other property suggested by them or a property owned by them, I explicitly declare that I undertake the obligation to pay the agent’s fee to “G.TSIGARAS & X.KIRLIDIS G.P.” as shown in paragraph 1, regardless if the property is mentioned on the table of page 1 of this contract. In this case, I acknowledge and accept that the choice of the potential purchase is the effect of mediation and suggestion from “G.TSIGARAS & X.KIRLIDIS G.P.”.

8. The contracting parties agree that, for the solving of any disputes that may occur from the interpretation or during the execution of the present contract, the Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki will have the jurisdiction.

9. Modification of the present contract is possible, in writing only.

In witness whereof, this private agreement has been written and after being read will be signed as follows by each contracting party.

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