Our Story

2007–2010 The journey begins…

The idea of developing a real estate company, in which customers will enjoy a high level of services, begins at a time when technology is making its first timid steps in the industry. From Thessaloniki, in a small office, with great passion and vision, the creation of basic infrastructure begins. The company gets equipped and organized in the field of technology, as it develops internal software that brings together the entire operation of its services. Our first page HalkidikiProperties.com makes its appearance and concerns the sale of real estate with a complete presentation and analysis, as it aims at the most complete information of its customers. Our smart systems evolve rapidly and already apply SEO, Social & Internet Marketing techniques in 6 languages, while at the same time our real estate base is growing. The company already serves 2000 customers.


We are moving to the new headquarters of our company in the center of Thessaloniki and now we have more than 2000 unique properties. For the first time the company enters the construction sector, as it undertakes the study and completion of private projects with great success and consistency. The traffic to our new websites reaches 1.000.000 users per year and our company is now the main real estate transaction hub. We open branches and service points in Belgrade and Moscow, where we accept the bulk of our requests, while developing a network of more than 50 partners. We are perfecting our systems and we offer for the first time in Greece complete advertising and promotion real estate solutions, through an automated advertising network on more than 100 websites worldwide. Now, we are the first in sales of holiday homes in Northern Greece, while at the same time we are expanding in the market of Thessaloniki. At the same time, we receive the certification of the FIABCI World Brokers Federation.


The headquarters of our company is transferred to our current facilities, next to the Airport "Macedonia" of Thessaloniki, in a unique space of 1000 sq.m., so that all services around the property are concentrated in one place. We now manage more than 3000 properties in Northern Greece and create the infrastructure for our expansion nationwide, aiming at development in the most touristic areas of the country. In the construction sector, we have more than 20 completed construction projects of every scale, while proceeding with investments with own funds. Departments of all services related to the property are created, as well as services to meet all the needs of customers, such as legal support, notarial services, accounting services, engineering and architecture department, Marketing & Research department, as well as full remote customer support department.


We undertake as a contractor the study and construction of the emblematic bioclimatic Villa Natalia in Sithonia, Halkidiki, which is considered the most important project in quality and technology ever built in the Prefecture of Halkidiki, while it is one of the most important private projects residence in the country. It has the largest geothermal field that has been applied so far in a house in Greece. This project involved more than 200 of the best experts in each field, in order to be completed in 16 months. See more


In this difficult year, the last stages of the on the move digital transformation were completed with teleworking applications and new structures and systems that allow remote access to the user, as the use of the most modern technologies is a reality. A.I. systems, machine learning, big data, automated customer service platforms and Business Analytics Science are just the beginning of what is to come in the Real Estate industry. We are now creating an in-house Hub of innovation and research with the aim of our active presence in the digital future of Real Estate. At the same time, new important projects are in full swing, as corporate responsibility develops.

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