Frequently Asked Questions

After you have found the property you are interested in on our website, leave a request in any way convenient for you, so that our experienced agents can arrange a visit to the property at a convenient day and time for you.

After receiving all the necessary documents, your lawyer will conduct a search of the property and legally check it for the last 20 years. It will ensure market legitimacy and check for mortgages, court decisions, etc. You will also need a civil engineer to inspect the property. Also, make an advance to secure the contract. The warranty is refundable in the event of legal problems, but will be withheld if the buyer cancels the purchase at their own risk.

FMA Property Transfer Tax is payable prior to final signing of the contract. Then you sign the contract and the seller gets the money.

When it comes to the negotiation part, there are some steps that precede the final established property price. Firstly, it is necessary to find several property options that would meet the client's criteria. Then it is necessary for the client to come to Greece and visit selected properties in order to check and compare his expectations VS the real picture. Based on these comparisons and factors, the client would choose the certain property and create his own estimation and give an offer to the owner. At this point, the owner is willing to negotiate due to the fact that he deals with real and serious potential buyers.

The Seller of the property is responsible for the collection of all the supporting documents. Supporting documents on the part of the Buyer are required only in case he requests the exemption of the transfer tax for the purchase of a first home.

All you need is your passport and a Tax Αuthorisation Νumber which can be issued in just one day at any Tax authority office in Greece.

In addition to the agreed price for the purchase, there are some additional costs that burden the buyer:

• VAT (real estate transfer tax) which amounts to 3% of the listed contract price.

• Transfer to the Mortgage Office which amounts to 0.475% on the listed contract price + 24% VAT

• Lawyer's fee

• Notary fee

• Real Estate Agent Fee

The extra costs are a group of services that are essential to finalize a purchase contract. There are some which are obligatory and others which are optional.



• Legal Control

• Lawyer Fees

• Notary Fees

• Agent Fees

• Purchase Tax

• Registration Certificate 



• Translations

• Interpretations 

• Termination Clause Contract

• Termination Clause Registration Certificate

The additional costs for the purchase of a property in Greece differ depending on the method of payment. A safe estimate is between 9% and 12% of the purchase price.

There is no fixed amount or percentage. Each market is different, depending on the situation or desire of the seller and buyer. As a company we suggest the down payment should not be small or large as long as there are no problems. An intermediate solution of about 10% of the market is ideal and safe between buyer and seller.

Before giving any kind of deposit you need to give a stop-saling guarantee. This is usually an amount of 2% to 5% of the selling price. This amount is being given to the Agent and not to the Seller as to stop advertising the property online. After this payment it's time for the legal control. In case that the legal control is not crystal clear then the Agent is returning a full refund of the deposit to you. However, if the results of the legal control are ok then you have to wire the amount of 10% minus the stop sales guarantee that you have already paid directly to the bank account of the seller. In between the stop sales guarantee and the remaining of the deposit a private agreement is being signed in between you, the Seller and the Agent as to keep you on the safe side. Please notice that the percentages of the stop sales guarantee as well as the deposit could be negotiated.

The company has all the people and staff who can be involved in the buying and selling process if the Buyer so wishes, having experience and expertise. Now the Buyer does not even need to attend the contract or run, only some personal documents and information. The process can be completed entirely by us.

Our company has all the specialized personnel involved in the process of buying/selling a property. The buyer has the possibility to let our experienced staff to complete the procedure without involving himself in unnecessary steps in the buying process.

The completion time of a contract depends on many factors. The procedures have been simplified with the use of technology, but there is still bureaucracy. So, considering that the property you have chosen does not have a legal problem and what remains is to follow the standard procedure, then the time period ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. However, there are cases where the process may take a little longer due to some issues that may arise such as the legalization of additional square meters, loan repayment, missing documents, etc.

Considering that the property you have chosen has no legal issues and all we have to do is run the typical procedure then this period could be from 4 to 6 weeks. After this period of time, we can arrange an appointment at the notary office to complete the purchase. Nevertheless, there are occasions where the process might take a bit longer due to several issues that might occur such as, legalisation of extra square meters, loan payment, missing documents etc.

Building a property is a difficult and arduous process for anyone. You can describe to us the property of your dreams, and with the help of the entire construction department of the company, we can guide you safely and make your dream come true.

Basically we can not give an exact location of real estate, if no appointment has been made. It is clear that for security reasons we hide information, since we do not know the interested buyer. However, there is a possibility, if for some reason we can not all attend the suggestion together, to give the location, after the seller of the property gives us permission and we receive all the details of the interested buyer.

If the buyer wishes, there is no problem. But clearly the company has more experience and knowledge of the subject of trading, where is our main concern and strength. Our job is not only to suggest real estate but also the negotiation and the right process of buying real estate, offering security. And most importantly, we know the seller better than anyone, we have communicated, discussed, listened to his concerns and needs.

You can always try to negotiate the asking price of any property you would like to buy since you have seen it live and you wish to buy it. The results of this negotiation though do not follow any kind of rules. In the past, we have managed to succeed large discounts but there also Sellers that are not willing to negotiate at all and they keep a stable price for the house they sell. It comes from our experience though and we can inform you that a 5% discount is something that we can succeed in most of the cases.

Generally, if the seller wishes and agrees, real estate can be bought and sold with the specific procedure. Usually this is done only in large purchase amounts. In smaller amounts the owner probably does not agree.

Many potential buyers are buying their new house in Greece by getting a loan from banks of their country. Achieving a loan from a Greek bank though could be tricky, especially when you don't have an income in Greece. You always have the possibility though, through good negotiation, to come on an agreement with the seller as to pay part of the amount in instalments.

No, the real estate proposal has no additional costs.

In order to buy a house in Greece, you DO NOT need a Greek bank account. You can send the purchase amount from your bank account everywhere in the world directly to the bank account of the Seller. A Greek bank account might be needed on a later stage for paying your utilities but yet again you can make these payments from abroad as well.

By choosing to find your new home through a certified Real Estate Agent, you choose at the same time the safest and smoothest way to buy it. An Agent can provide you with a variety of offers until you find the best solution for your needs. The experience of an Agent will definitely save you a lot of time as well as from unforeseen situations and deadlocks. Our work does not end once you find a home to buy, that is exactly when it begins. It is our duty to negotiate and achieve the best possible price for you. We must take all the necessary steps, represent you and work with lawyers, notaries, civil engineers, translators, tax authorities of any kind involved in the transaction in order to ensure a trouble-free property purchase.

The first and most important thing is to sit down and enjoy your property. Later, you will need to register your new property with Real Estate and manage your bill payments. Nothing more than that. An accountant could run all of these processes for you.

The legal control is the first and most important action that needs to take place after you choose a house to buy. A lawyer visits the hypothec house and checks all the past deeds as to make sure that that there are no mortgages, loans, debts or any other legal loose ends. At the end of the lawyer's research if the results are clear you will receive a certificate by the legal firm. In the case that the legal control shows that there are legal issues then the lawyer is informing you about them along with the proposals for solving them. It is up to you then if you wish to move forward with the purchase or not.

The objective value of a property is the price that the tax authorities give to each property throughout Greece. There are many factors that determine this price such as the exact location of the property, its size, year of construction etc.

Officially there is no indication that property prices will fall, but the owners are willing enough to negotiate to reach the best deal for the buyer due to this unprecedented situation.

It is about individual perspective, needs and expectations. Firstly, it depends on the reason you would like to buy a property in Halkidiki. The reasons might be various and different, such as professional development and exploitation, cottage houses for family or for retirement days. In any case, we are here to help you.

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