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How does the exclusive assignment work?

When you trust us exclusively with your property, we are committed to doing our utmost to fulfill our common goal. Our company undertakes real estate properties exclusively after a clear sale estimate.

We do not undertake overpriced properties, because we will simply not be able to fulfill our goal.

We are not interested in overestimating your property in order for you to assign it exclusive to us.

What does it mean to assign my property exclusively?

An exclusive assignment means that as an owner, you commit to pay the agreed brokerage fee to our company regardless of whether the property is sold directly by you or by another legal real estate agency.

The duration of such an agreement is 8+4 months, but special agreements of shorter duration can be concluded.

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Why are homeowners afraid of exclusivity?

Most homeowners are skeptical of such a deal because they probably find it unfair to pay a brokerage fee to a broker who ultimately "appears" to have not been able to find the final buyer.

They are also afraid to commit for different personal reasons, usually from some bad previous experience.

What is really going on?

All interested buyers and brokers who are informed by our company for each new exclusive assignment receive a complete and detailed description of the property and at the same time we inform them of the exact location of the property in order to attract them more correctly and openly.

So it is very easy for an interested party to simply bypass our company and try to get in direct contact with the owner, in order to avoid paying the real estate fee. It would be just as easy for a potential buyer or broker to simply notify a relative or friend of this selling opportunity.

So in the end, although the reason for the sale (due to the electronic viewing) of this property was the notification and advertising efforts of Halkidiki Properties, in the end if there was no initial commitment of the owner, our company would neither receive the brokerage fee it is entitled to nor could prove its involvement in practice.

The main reason for assigning your property exclusively to Halkidiki Properties is to get the maximum possible open view in all directions.

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But what does our company really do for the owners who trust us?

When you assign your property exclusively to our company:

  1. You unlock the total clientele of our company. We send updates by any means to all interested buyers
  2. You enter the list of top clients’ updates (only 4 updates/month) in order to reach to as many potential buyers as possible
  3. All cooperating real estate agencies are informed
  4. We undertake free of charge the entire professional presentation of your property through professional photography, video recording, and aerial video capture via drone where appropriate. We create unique promotional material that attracts the active clientele
  5. Our users are informed through social media with personal messages and promotional material
  6. Takes promotion positions in the collaborating portals
  7. It has priority in all the suggestions and the viewings of the sellers of our company
  8. Receives the highest property score and the entire structure of our company fights in every way for our ultimate common goal

The most important thing is that your trust is a commitment for us!

If you are interested in assigning us exclusively your property, fill in the form below

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