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The company Halkidiki Properties Real Estate and Investments Counselors, with years of success in the construction and real estate development market, has selected the paradise of Halkidiki as a place to attract investors.
So we created the Halkidiki Real Estate Properties, aiming at the exclusive presentation and promotion of the biggest variety of properties that was ever made in the Prefecture of Halkidiki.
There are numerous available building grounds in Halkidiki, and you can find a house of your liking, two-storeyed houses, plots or the villa of your dreams. The absolute specialization of the staff, the knowledge of the particularities of the region, the consistence on each interested client, combined with the natural beauty of the Prefecture of Halkidiki, are some of the characteristics which are the magnet for private buyers and investors.
With more than 50 different areas and packages of high standard services, we guide, protect, advise and ensure the integrity of any size of investment-buying.

Welcome to Halkidiki, the paradise on earth.

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