Top Buyer Questions Answered: Understanding Halkidiki’s Real Estate Market

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Halkidiki, located in Northern Greece, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. With its crystal-clear waters, breathtaking beaches, and magical sceneries, it is a dream location for many property buyers. As a result, there is a high demand for real estate in Halkidiki, which can be overwhelming for a potential home buyer. To help you out, we have compiled a list of top buyer questions and provided expert answers so that you can buy your dream home in Halkidiki with confidence.

1. How is the real estate market in Halkidiki doing?

The real estate market in Halkidiki is currently booming. With growing tourism and the COVID-19 breakout, more and more people are turning to the countryside and coastal areas. The increase in demand, combined with a limited supply of quality homes, has caused a hike in property prices. However, experts claim that this trend is predicted to continue for a while. Hence, it's an excellent time to invest in a property in Halkidiki and expect a good return on investment.

Top Buyer Questions Answered: Understanding Halkidiki’s Real Estate Market

2. Do I need to hire a real estate agent?

Hiring a local real estate agent is highly recommended, especially if you are unfamiliar with the local real estate market, regulations, and tax laws. A professional real estate agent will provide you with valuable insights, guide you through the entire buying process, and ensure you get the best deal possible. Moreover, they can also introduce you to local contractors, help with legal work and property inspections.

3. What type of properties are available for purchase in Halkidiki?

Halkidiki offers diverse options to potential home buyers, ranging from traditional stone-built houses to contemporary apartments, modern villas, and resort properties. It's essential to take your time and research the region in-depth before deciding on a property type that suits you best. Factors like location, access to amenities, distance from beaches, and your budget should be considered before making a purchase.

4. What are the legal requirements for buying property in Greece?

Foreign buyers in Greece need to be aware of the legal requirements for buying property. International buyers are subject to the same real estate regulations as Greek citizens and require permission from the Council of State. Additionally, legal representation, a legal report, and a notary public's presence solemnize the transaction. These processes could take a few months to complete, so keep the timeline in mind when planning your purchase.

5. How much should I budget for buying a property in Halkidiki?

Determining your budget will depend on your long-term goals, financial situation, and future plans for the property. However, it's always a good idea to have a buffer as unforeseen costs such as taxes, property insurance, maintenance costs, and utilities can quickly add up.

6. How is the weather in Halkidiki?

Halkidiki has a Mediterranean climate, which means that it experiences hot, dry summers from May to September and mild, rainy winters between November and February .

7. What amenities are available in Halkidiki?

Halkidiki offers plenty of amenities including supermarkets, banks, post offices, and hospitals. The larger towns have plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops, while the beaches offer ample opportunities for water sports and other leisure activities. The beaches in Halkidiki are some of the best in Greece and provide many opportunities to soak in the sun, take in the scenery or go for a swim.


If you are considering buying a property in Halkidiki, now is the perfect time to invest. However, ensure to do your due diligence by hiring a professional real estate agent, researching the area thoroughly, and knowing the legal requirements. With the valuable information we have provided, we hope you can make a more informed decision when buying your dream home in this beautiful part of Northern Greece.

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