VIEWING TRIP DAY- What can you expect?

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Viewing trip day means the day when you are visiting the properties you have chosen with your agent.


Before it comes to viewing trip day, here are several things you should know:

  • The step that precedes a viewing trip day is the process of selecting properties based on photos and your interests. In collaboration with your agent, we suggest you make a list of your favourite choices.


  • Inform in advance 7-10 days your agent about your arrival date. It is important information to arrange properly your visiting of the properties.


  • Get ready for the visit by having a pen, ready questions and opening all your senses since the purchase of the property presents a serious decision in your life. You will be given by our agent a book including all properties with details you would visit. So you don’t have to be stressed remembering them.
VIEWING TRIP DAY- What can you expect?
  • Regarding your criteria, clarify what is mandatory and for what you can make compromises, keep that thought in your mind in order not to be confused during the search.


  • Several days before the viewing trip, you will receive all important information regarding the meeting point, time and the properties you are going to visit.


  • You should have your personal documents with you since at the end of the viewing trip you will sign a brokerage agreement.

Afterwards, when you are familiar with the preparation procedure for visiting the properties, it comes the day of the viewing trip. You will meet up with your agent mainly in the morning hours in order to be fresh and have the day ahead of you, he/she will inform you about the schedule and program. Eventually, you will start visiting the properties you have liked.



Here are the TOP 10 frequent questions of the clients during the viewing trip:


  1. How is the neighbourhood?
  2. How does the environment look?
  3. Is furniture included in the price?
  4. Does anybody live in the house currently or not?
  5. What is the cost of annual tax?
  6. What are the additional costs for maintenance of the building/complex?
  7. How does the beach look nearby?
  8. What is the condition of PVC?
  9. Does it include parking and a storage room?
  10.  How does the heating work during the winter days?


Last but not least, TRY to imagine yourself in that house, environment and place. Do you see yourself there? If the answer is YES, then definitely you should go for it. Otherwise, you continue searching for the ideal property for you. All questions mentioned above are significant in a technical aspect but at the end of the day is HOW do you feel about them. All other minor details could be solved.


Finally, at the end of the meeting, feel FREE to make an open discussion with your assigned agent, make questions and be direct about your thoughts and doubts since we are here to provide you with an extraordinary experience when it comes to so an important moment as the purchase of the property on the sea is.

Based on years of experience, we will definitely have answers or solutions to all your concerns. You can expect from us always a professional attitude and honest advice or suggestion. Our team is always available to assist and help you.


After the viewing trip day, take your time as long as you need to think and analyse the Pros & Cons of every single property you have visited. That’s how you will have a better picture of what you indeed want and need. Then, check if any of them meet your initial requirements.


After that step, you know what is the next- you go for it or you keep searching.

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