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      Halkidiki Properties, with years of successful course in the fields of Real Estate, construction and properties management, aims primarily in Halkidiki Real Estate as a way to attract investors.
      This is how Halkidiki Properties Real Estate was founded, with target the comprehensive presentation and promotion of the largest property database ever in the whole Prefecture of Halkidiki.  
      We are always available to assist you in the discovery of building land or parcels, multi-storey houses or villas in Halkidiki. Our stuff is ready to satisfy even the most difficult of your needs, since we have a deep awarenes of Halkidiki and its particularities. The stunning beauty of Halkidiki itself, as well as our long experience in the field of Halkidiki Real Estate are only some of the reasons why individuals and investors are attracted to us.
      Covering all the Prefecture with more than 2.000 properties for sale and providing a wide variety of support packages, in combination with our high standard services, we walk the buyer through the whole procedure of purchasing, ensuring the integrity of investments of any size.

Welcome to Halkidiki, the paradise on earth.

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