Landscaping and management of surrounding area

Our company works with architects specialized in environmental landscaping – reforming, aiming to the beautification of the surrounding area.

After creating the study of the space, that highlights the needs and particularities, the final design is created and presented to the customer with floor plans and photorealistic visualization.

The space in its final form may consist of combinations of ornamental plants and trees in flower beds, as well as their irrigation systems, natural grass, stone walkways, swimming pools, ornamental stones, waterfalls or clay pots, and countless other ideas.

We can also undertake the maintenance of the garden, which includes repair of any damage, treatment and pruning of plants and re-design of some parts.

So the final result is functional and pleasing to the eye and offers the visitor peace and quiet, so much missing from the modern pace of life.

Landscaping and management of surrounding area
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