Make the purchase of your property a lot easier

Make purchase easy

This service is carefully designed for property owners who are unable to deal with the process of selling their property, mainly due to distance or lack of time.

Halkidiki Properties can act as the owner's proxy and really take over everything instead of the owner.

More specifically, the owner assigns through a special power of attorney, the sale of his property to our company, so that it operates instead of the owner at all stages of the purchase such as:

Real estate viewings to interested buyers

Legal control and coverage

Technical control

Price negotiations and terms of sale

Preparation of all necessary documents for signing a contract

Tax preparation of all necessary documents

Legal representation and signing of the final contracts

Payment of the agreed price with safety in the owner's bank account

Our engineers, lawyers & accountants, who are specialized in buying and selling real estate properties with over 15 years of experience.

This service is accompanied by an exclusive property assignment order or is offered autonomously to non-customers of our company for a fee.

Make the purchase of your property a lot easier
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