Bioclimatic passive residences

Bioclimatic passive residences are sophisticated residences with minimal energy needs.

With proper designing and the use of specific materials and systems, they ensure almost entirely coverage to the energy needs of a home.

The design usually includes elongated buildings in the East - West axis, with large windows in the south, where the solar energy is collected and distributed to heat the house, and solid walls with smaller openings in the north, in order to protect from cold winter winds.

These houses are equipped with geothermal and solar systems which ensure the supply of energy throughout the year, while the windows and walls are special structures that collect and distribute heat properly.

With proper design and a proper room layout, the rooms with more heat requirements are placed in the southern part, while those who are used less (eg. warehouse, toilet) in the northern.

The goal of passive bioclimatic house is combining passive heating, natural cooling and lighting systems, that fully cover the power needs of the building, in order to eliminate the needs for conventional energy.

Our company undertakes the design, planning and construction of such buildings, with responsibility and professionalism, in reasonable prices.

Bioclimatic passive residences
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